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Labour Laws in Myanmar

Since 2011, Myanmar has been one of the main countries to draw international attention. Before that year, international news coverage on the country was mostly related to oppression and political turmoil caused by military dictatorship. However, after 2011, the reasons were quite different. Several political and legal reforms brought by the civilian-led government, although backed by the military group, have made a drastic shift of international climate towards the country. Still, there is cautious scepticism on the real intention of these reforms, which included releasing Aung San Suu Kyi from house arrest, and a massive number of political prisoners from prison, relaxing censorship and legalizing trade unions. All these changes were welcomed by international society and rewarded by cancelation of all actions implemented by mostly US and European countries. These reforms turned the country from a problematic country under military dictatorship to an attractive one for investment with natural resources and cheap labours. The reforms also brought about new dynamics in society: trade union legalization has had a big impact on workplace and led to mushrooming labour unions.

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